Chemelot takes a new step in sustainability by connecting CO₂-emitting companies to Data Safe House


In January, Chemelot officially joined the Data Safe House initiative, which includes all CO₂-emitting companies on the premises, aimed at sharing their sustainability plans on a confidential basis with regional grid operators such as TenneT and Gasunie.

The objective is to provide grid operators with a better understanding of Chemelot’s future energy needs, aiding in the planning of a new energy infrastructure essential for the transition to climate-neutral production. This effort is supported by a sustainability plan to replace fossil fuels with more sustainable alternatives such as electrification and hydrogen, promising significant CO₂ reduction. With this approach, Chemelot is ahead of other industrial parks by centrally organizing the annual reduction of CO₂ emissions.

René Slaghek, serving as the Data Safe House Manager for the Chemelot cluster from Brightsite, played a pivotal role in establishing this collaboration, contributing significantly to the further sustainability of Chemelot.