Brightsite and the six mutually reinforcing programme lines

As an open innovation platform for sustainable process technology and circularity, Brightsite is engaged in the assembly of knowledge from a wide array of parties and in cooperation with Brightlands Chemelot Campus the provision of facilities for scaling up and commercial demonstration. It also provides support when it comes to selecting and developing the right technologies to make the chemical industry greener.

The climate targets leave the chemical industry faced with huge challenges, though they also present opportunities. Solid transition management will foster economic growth and attract talent and business. As the development and utilisation of new technology encompasses far more than just the technical aspects, the work will also include safety aspects, societal acceptance, legal and economic viability, job opportunities and training. In short, contributing to creating a broad foundation for future prosperity in conjunction with industrial partners.

Brightsite is approaching the transition in an integrated fashion with three development programme lines, pertaining to 1) electrification, 2) renewable raw materials and 3) process and site innovation, as well as three ancillary programme lines pertaining to 4) safety and societal acceptance, 5) transition scenarios and system integration, 6) education and human capital. The transition will only be achieved through collective, concerted cooperation between these six areas of activity.