Reduction of emissions by replacing naphtha and natural gas

In a truly carbon neutral and circular economy, no new fossil resources such as naphtha or natural gas should be added to the carbon cycle. Abandoning fossil resources means closing the cycle by using waste materials and biomass as feedstock for the production of new materials. The program line Reduction of emissions by replacing naphtha and natural gas usage focusses on new technologies and eliminating the GHG emissions associated with fossil resources.

Three potential routes for obtaining circular resources have been identified and will be studied and developed:

  • The gasification of plastic, domestic waste and biomass
  • The pyrolysis of plastics
  • The dissolution and depolymerization of plastics

Besides technological advances, the main challenge is the supply and availability of waste materials.

Carbon from circular and renewable origins

The future outlook in 2050 is that Chemelot operates a closed carbon cycle, using carbon from circular and renewable origins. CO₂ emissions and the accumulation of waste in the environment are prevented by converting polymers into new products.

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