Reduction of emissions by electrification

The share of renewable electricity in the Netherlands is expected to be 75% in 2050, as set in the concept climate agreement. The program line Reduction of emissions by electrification focusses on the possibilities of using renewable electricity to power processes and installations and thereby significantly reducing the CO₂ emissions of Chemelot.

Electrical high temperature heating with renewable energy and decarbonization without the formation of CO₂.

In order to achieve the climate goals on the site we are researching long term options such as:

  • Electrical high temperature heating with renewable energy
  • Decarbonization without the formation of CO₂

We are also looking at the main challenges, which lie within the reliable supply of sufficient green electricity, technological development and demonstration of electrical high temperature heating, and incorporation of flexible processes and installations.

All processes and installations powered by renewable electricity

The future outlook is that in 2050 the majority of all processes and installations at Chemelot are powered by renewable electricity. Chemelot has had a leading role in the development of said technologies and managed to turn their expertise into a revenue model.

Do you want to contribute to this program, or do you want to make use of our services? Please get in touch with Hans Linden, manager of this program line. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Hans Linden
Program Manager

Tel: +31 (0)6 520 526 96

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