A sustainable Chemelot requires a sound water strategy


Brightsite is committed to creating a sustainable chemical industry. This is not just about the reduction of CO₂ emissions at Chemelot – circular water management is also high on the list of objectives within program line 3, ‘Process Innovation’. Water is increasingly becoming a social issue, given the increase in droughts and heavy rain. The water cycle at the Chemelot site is used for basic processes such as cooling, heating (steam) and safety.

Circular Water Program for Chemelot

“At 44 million cubic meters per year, Chemelot is a major water user and is dependent on water. You can compare it to your own body: you drink water and excrete it again. It is of vital importance to you, as it is to the site. Water is crucial for the functioning of the plants. We want to optimize our water purification and reduce our water consumption. In order to achieve this, we have launched the ‘Circular Water for Chemelot’ program. We are taking stock of various Chemelot-wide options, bearing in mind the stricter regulations regarding water permits as well as far-reaching process changes that will take place at the site as a result of sustainability steps that have been set in motion. After all, the transition to a climate neutral Chemelot by 2050 will also have an effect on the water consumption and wastewater of plants,” Van Oord emphasizes.

Breakout session ‘Innovation, circularity & industrial water usage’ at the EIES 2020

In the chemical industry water is of as much importance as in our daily lives, since it enables chemical processes to be performed as it is used as cooling water, for steam and as process water. On the other hand as society we become more and more aware of the scarcity and value of clean water. How can we bring this together? View the summary of the Brightsite breakout session at the European Industry and Energy Summit 2020.