Article: Brightsite’s contribution to sustainability challenges in the chemical industry


We are currently taking a tour past site users to allign which activities Brightsite can realize for them, in addition to our current activities for the Chemelot site as a whole. Consider for example the development of plasma technology for decarbonising methane, the development of the Milena cracker for the production of green ethylene and a study of steam balance on the site. We have to break through limitations to make steam savings possible. It’s one of the cheapest ways to save CO2.

The team of Program Line 5 is working on the Chemelot transition path to 2030 and the above mentioned study of steam balance, but also on a technology comparison; the development of a methodology to assess technologies for future suitability.

We bring research, technologies and market together, for example, at the Mylena cracker and plasma applications. But we do much more and on a larger scale. By making sustainability initiatives visual, we have them included in the sustainability agenda in The Hague. We participate in the Master Plan for Chemelot, the insights developed by the CST (Chemelot Sustainability team) are intertwined. And we provide input for the positioning of Chemeot within national studies, such as infrastructure and market organization. Herewith putting Chemelot on the map nationally and in Europe.