BrigH2 plant to present syngas as a viable means of a circular economy


BrigH2 is a startup that is developing a 50-MW plant on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus to produce syngas by gasifying torrefied biological raw materials, based on Technology developed by Torrgas. The company is responding to the growing need for green fuel sources as the chemical industry moves towards sustainability.

Various Chemelot products are currently produced using oil and gas. “These products will continue to exist, but need to be made in a different way. The non-sustainable fossil fuels currently used must be replaced by green fuel sources. Syngas—a mixture of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H₂)—is one of the building blocks that has the potential to make various chemical products sustainable, if it is produced using green methods from biological raw materials. Hydrogen is of great interest to the chemical industry, but the carbon component is also very attractive for industrial applications and as a soil improver”, says Willem Jan van Asselt, CEO of BrigH2.

Willem Jan van Asselt, CEO BrigH2:

“It is precisely this combination of innovation and considering what we already have available from the past, that can give us valuable answers to facilitate the transition of the chemical industry”.

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