Brightsite bridges gap between innovative technology and commercial application


Brightsite is the new number one knowledge centre for achieving a sustainable, competitive chemical industry. By providing a boost to the development and commercial application of innovative technologies, it is helping the Chemelot site to achieve the climate objectives. Arnold Stokking, managing director: “Our cross-sectoral way of thinking produces unique and innovative ideas.” Read the article ‘Brightsite bridges gap between innovative technology and commercial application’ below.

Huge challenges

One of today’s biggest social challenges is achieving the climate objectives. The aim of the Climate Agenda and the Climate Agreement is to complete the energy transition and have a fully circular economy by 2050. The chemical industry can provide a huge contribution to reducing CO₂ emissions in the Netherlands, and to making society as a whole more sustainable.

“These transitions are huge challenges for us, but simultaneously they also provide opportunities. Not doing enough or only acting when it is too late could lead to the closure of plants and job losses. In contrast, proper transition management will result in economic growth and greater appeal for talent and businesses. The next couple of years will be crucial; it is important to take action right now,” emphasises Stokking.

Arnold Stokking, managing director:

“I’m proud that I can contribute to this important mission to slow down global warming together with our partners and many others. It’s a huge task that covers everything from fundamental research to developing pilot plants at the site. A fantastic assignment that combines the knowledge and expertise of all the parties. We’ll be doing everything we can to safeguard jobs and improve employment in a sustainable manner.”

Time for the next step

The partnership between Sitech Services, TNO, Maastricht University and Brightlands Chemelot Campus, gives Brightsite a bird’s eye view of the playing field. Now that we’ve been active for a year, it’s time for the next step. We’re talking to investors and forming connections with new parties. The collaboration is becoming more focused; companies, authorities and public parties are showing an interest. The urge for innovation that is felt at the campus is contagious. But that shouldn’t be all: we’re showing that we’re shaping the future here at Chemelot and that green chemistry not only can be demonstrated, but is ‘the place to be’ as well.

Brightsite bridges gap between innovative technology and commercial application. Read the article