Brightsite hosts the French embassy for a discussion on energy transition


As part of an initiative by the French ambassador regarding energy transition, Brightsite proudly welcomed a delegation from the French Embassy. The visit was facilitated through an introduction by Peter Grispen, Business Developer at SPIE. His introduction emphasized Brightsite’s significant position at the Chemelot site and its pioneering role in sustainability in the chemical industry.

In a previous meeting with prominent companies such as Total, Air France-KLM, Equans, Lhyfe, ENGIE, and SPIE, the emphasis was placed on how energy transition can be seamlessly integrated into production and societal processes.

During the visit to Brightsite, a team composed of Arnold Stokking, CĂ©line Fellay, and Maurice Lambriex from Brightlands Chemelot Campus presented the innovations and technologies being developed in collaboration with companies on the Campus and at the Chemelot site. Their message underscored the necessity to adopt these new technologies as the new standard in sustainability.

Naturally, a tour of the Plasmalab was part of the program. This lab, a collaborative initiative between Brightsite, Maastricht University, and Brightlands Chemelot Campus, serves as the epicenter for optimizing plasma technologies. In collaboration with partners such as UM, TNO, Sitech Services, students, and businesses, existing technologies are refined and innovative plasma processes are developed for the chemical industry.

Hans Linden and Gerard van Rooij highlighted the power and potential of plasma technology: a state of matter in which particles are ionized and which offers sustainable opportunities for chemistry. In the Plasmalab, both improvements to existing processes are made and fundamental research into innovative processes is carried out, with the goal of scaling up to industrial applications.