Brightsite receives NXTGEN Hightech subsidy for CO2-free plasma technology


Brightsite has received funding from the NXTGEN Hightech project for the development of plasma technology on an industrial scale. This advanced technology aims to convert methane into hydrogen and high-quality carbon products, with the significant advantage of no CO2 emissions.

Although research is already being conducted in Brightsite’s plasma laboratory, scaling up is necessary to effectively integrate this technology into factory processes. The subsidy from the NXTGEN Hightech project, an initiative of the Growth Fund, will play a crucial role in achieving this objective. The plasma lab, which opened its doors in 2021, is currently developing devices that support this plasma technology.

Collaboration Brightsite, Maastricht University, and Brightlands Chemelot Campus The Brightsite Plasma Lab is a collaborative initiative of Brightsite, Maastricht University, and the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, serving as an epicenter for optimizing plasma technologies. In collaboration with partners such as UM, TNO, Sitech Services, students, and the business community, existing technologies are refined and innovative plasma processes are developed for the chemical industry. The plasma lab conducts both improvements to existing processes and fundamental research into innovative processes, aiming for scaling up to industrial applications.

Program Line: Emission Reduction through Electrification The Brightsite Plasma Lab is part of the program line Emission Reduction through Electrification, which focuses on using sustainable electricity to power processes and installations, thereby significantly reducing CO₂ emissions in the chemical industry.