Brightsite Transition Outlook: Chemelot’s journey to sustainable chemistry

Helping to shape the transition to a climate neutral chemical industry

Due to its size, the chemical industry—in Limburg centred mainly around the Chemelot site in Geleen—can play a key part in achieving the climate targets. The Brightsite Transition Outlook offers an overview of how and when Chemelot’s climate targets can be achieved and what is needed to make this a reality. In this way, Brightsite supports the site users and the investments they are making in the future of Chemelot. The 2030 targets are expected to be largely achieved through measures that have already been identified. However, the target of net zero emissions by 2050 still requires several new solutions.

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This inspiring brochure provides you with more information about how Chemelot is becoming climate neutral.

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The Brightsite way​

Given our dependency on external factors, it is currently not possible to state with any certainty what is realistically possible at Chemelot after 2030. What we can do is carry out technical and scenario analyses with increasing reliability on the basis of Brightsite’s stimulating and model-based approach. For example, we can assess sensitivity to changes in prices, regulations and availability of renewable raw materials, energy and CO2 emissions. This allows us to identify ‘no-regrets’ options with high potential and low risk, which are therefore the most suitable for development and integration on the Chemelot site of the future. In this way, Brightsite will continually assess the potential economic and social impact of new technologies and translate this into the transition scenarios for Chemelot. If there are positive results with a high potential, Brightsite also works with partners and stakeholders to mobilise the necessary resources to scale up technologies from the laboratory and pilot phase to demo plants. Once this has been done, the approach and outcomes for Chemelot can be translated and extended to comparable industrial sites and linked to other models based on raw materials and energy that have already been developed internationally.

Last but not least, launching specific degree courses and expanding the professorships and infrastructure for experimental research and development at Chemelot will ensure that international talent comes to Limburg to learn and work in order to put all of these opportunities and challenges into practice. Brightsite experts will be happy to tell you more about our approach towards a climate neutral Chemelot. A green chemical industry will be sustainable, innovative and competitive. At Brightsite, we are ideally placed to boost the development and commercial application of innovative technologies that are needed to achieve the climate targets.

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