Chemelot climate neutral in 2050, this is how we’ll do it


Brightsite provides a boost to the development and commercial application of innovative technologies, helping the Chemelot site to achieve the climate objectives. In the article ‘Brightsite bridges gap between innovative technology and commercial application’ you read about our joint mission for a futureproof Chemelot and the six synergetic programme lines we are working on. Today we will show you how we will be bridging the gap between the current situation and a climate neutral and circular chemical sector by 2050. 

In our “Technology Innovation Roadmap”, we describe how a climate neutral Chemelot can be achieved. The focus is on three technical programme lines: electrification, recycling and process innovation. As innovation is a dynamic process by definition and knowledge and insights change over time, the roadmap will continue to evolve.

In the upcoming season we will share more about biomassa as a replacement for fossil carbon, education and human capital, cost-effective savings in complex steamsystems and HSE Management powered by Artificial Intelligence. Do you want to stay up to date on our developments, news and knowledge? Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter.

Join us!

At Brightsite, we have taken on the challenge and are working on the transition towards a climate neutral and circular Chemelot. The road ahead is full of uncertainty, but there are many opportunities as well. This requires new ways of thinking and new revenue models. We know where we want to go and we know that it’s possible: a green chemical industry that is sustainable, innovative and competitive. Does Brightsite’s working method reflect your company’s? Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about the technologies we want to scale up or if you would like to collaborate with us.