Chemelot presents roadmap for circular and climate-neutral industry


During the Chemelot Circular Strategy Day on Monday, March 4, Chemelot presented its roadmap towards climate-neutral production with circular raw materials, aiming for completion by 2050 at the latest. Director Loek Radix handed the first copy to Minister Micky Adriaansens of Economic Affairs and Climate.


The roadmap outlines various essential aspects required for the transition to a climate-neutral industry. These aspects are crucial for both preserving the industry and ensuring its value to the Dutch economy:

  • Consistent and urgency-focused government policy.
  • Recognition of the crucial role of multinationals, as the key to the solution lies with large multinational corporations..
  • Adequate infrastructure, including a 380 kV electricity connection, pipelines for hydrogen and ammonia, and water transport infrastructure.
  • Encouragement for companies that are capable of utilizing waste and biomass, currently being incinerated, as circular raw materials.
  • Patience is crucial. The basic industry in the Netherlands must be given sufficient time and resources for a transition to climate neutrality.


“We all must acknowledge in the Netherlands that the sustainability transition of the basic industry is a societal challenge, not a problem of individual companies. By doing so, we can prevent becoming part of the reverse experiment in Europe: the systematic dismantling of the basic industry.”

Loek Radix, director Chemelot


During the Strategy Day, Arnold Stokking highlighted the challenges in innovation and Brightsite’s strategy for circularity. He emphasized that large-scale chemical production on a circular basis is feasible and announced that Brightsite will publish a report on this later in the year.


“The industry has brought us a great deal and will continue to contribute significantly to our prosperity and well-being. We urge the government and society to support the greening of the industry: it is feasible, and at Chemelot, we are already making progress.”
Arnold Stokking, managing director Brightsite