Chemical industry must work together on universal strategic priorities


The chemical industry is at the forefront of very exciting developments. Developments that determine how we can continue to produce our valuable products safely and sustainably for decades to come. Also within the AnQore organization, we see this as a unique opportunity to take the next steps towards growth and improvement.

The strategic priorities in the chemical industry are actually universal; sustainability and safety are central in addition to customer satisfaction. As a modestly sized company, we are acutely aware that we cannot accomplish this alone. Be it maintenance, logistics, supply of bio-resources, or developing solutions to reduce our emissions, cooperation with existing and new partners is the determining factor in realizing all these ambitions. It is important to share knowledge and develop joint initiatives that stimulate sustainable innovations and ensure safety. That is why we applaud the initiatives from Brightsite so much and, as AnQore, we are happy to actively participate in them.

We value everyone’s right to work in a safe environment and as AnQore we do everything we can to ensure this. In this newsletter, you can read how artificial intelligence (AI), in addition to optimizing processes, also helps us to analyze safety and recognize deeper patterns that we can hardly determine with the human brain. It is promising to learn from this and use such innovations to raise safety standards.

Of course, much of our attention also goes to the transition to renewable raw materials. Once the demand for these products really starts to increase, it is important that we are ready to shift to new technologies based on bio-based raw materials on a larger scale, e.g. vegetable oils and sugars. To develop these new, efficient and safe production methods, significant investment in research is required. With an eye for appreciation, Brightsite brings together unique knowledge from experts within Chemelot to accelerate such research.

Sjoerd Zuidema 
Chief Executive Officer AnQore