Chemical industry: wisely for cabinet to invest in renewable energy and infrastructure to meet climate targets


Reaction to Royal VNCI’s Budget Memorandum | The demissionary cabinet presented the 2024 Budget Memorandum to the House of Representatives today. The VNCI finds it judicious that the demissionary cabinet remains firmly committed to industrial and climate policy. This will allow our industry to continue to make the products we use every day, such as clean water, medicines and batteries, in a sustainable way.

Nienke Homan, president Royal VNCI: “Pleased that the demissionary cabinet remains firmly committed to industry and climate policy. The chemical industry is on track to meet the 55% reduction target by 2030. Realising a climate-neutral and circular Netherlands also requires a long-term vision on the role of industry. We hope the demissionary cabinet and politicians will soon provide clarity on this.”

Staying committed to sustainability

With the House of Representatives declaring the climate agenda non-controversial, companies, together with the government, can continue to put full speed into making large and small businesses more sustainable. Industry benefits from clarity on climate policy and clarity on the implementation of that policy. The VNCI believes it is therefore beneficial for the demissionary cabinet to continue on its chosen path, so that we don’t lose any time in the upcoming election period.