CIMS: a unique model for validating sustainability options for Chemelot


If Chemelot is to be fit for the future, it requires a collective, sustainable transformation. Brightsite contributes to this by creating a complete overview that enables companies and the site as a whole to make the right choices. Using systems thinking and thoughtful modeling we are better equipped to handle uncertainties in balanced scenarios. The ‘Chemelot Integrated Model System’, developed to test and compare scenarios and transition pathways for implementing climate-oriented innovations at Chemelot, is one of a kind.

Given the wide range of options for becoming more sustainable and the integral nature of the Chemelot site, efficient application requires an overarching and coherent approach. Brightsite’s program line 5: ‘Transition scenarios and system integration’ focuses on bringing together and translating available technical and economic knowledge and other relevant information and expectations. It looks at the dilemmas, hurdles and risks, both on-site and cross-site, including societal synergies and new opportunities. “Integral software models are used to get to grips with the complex set of options, interactions and impact. Based on this, substantiated scenarios and transition pathways are designed, tested and compared for the implementation of climateoriented innovations at Chemelot. To achieve this, we developed the Chemelot Integrated Model System, or CIMS for short”, explains René Slaghek, Technology Manager at Brightsite.

René Slaghek, Technology Manager Brightsite:

“We wanted a model that would enable us to map the effect of sustainability choices and the optimal sustainability strategy for Chemelot. Since no such model was available, we began developing the integrated CIMS model ourselves.”

Does your company recognize itself in the working method of Brightsite?

With the unique CIMS model, developed by Brightsite, we map the effect of sustainability choices as well as the optimal sustainability strategy for Chemelot. Do you want to contribute to this program? Or do you want to make use of this services? Please contact us.