‘Education and human capital’ program line: training the engineer of the future


Brightsite is committed to creating a sustainable and competitive chemical industry. In addition to developing innovative technologies and promoting their commercial application, one of the pillars of the knowledge center is aimed at education. After all, training a new generation of employees who can put innovations into practice is a requirement for the successful transition within the chemical sector. In Brightsite’s ‘Education and human capital’ program line, Maastricht University is developing new curricula regarding circular engineering and sustainable manufacturing. 

Training the engineer of the future

To guarantee a successful implementation, the Brightsite activities are subdivided into six mutually strengthening program lines. One of these program lines is ‘Education and human capital’. We need to ensure a future in which we have the right people to develop innovative technologies and apply them in practice. Maastricht University provides academic input on the social aspects of innovation, carries out fundamental research and is launching a Circular Engineering Bachelor’s program that will supply the next generation of engineers. Bakir Bulić, Program Manager of Brightsite’s program line 6: “Developing the various routes towards the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires broadly educated graduates who can work on interdisciplinary challenges. Education can bridge the gap between various engineering disciplines and the circular economy. The curricula will be closely linked to the activities at Chemelot and on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.”

Join us!

Maastricht University is developing new programs within its Faculty of Science and Engineering to educate the engineer of the sustainable future. To facilitate the different pathways leading up to the greenhouse gas emission reduction target by 2050, broadly schooled graduates with the ability to work on interdisciplinary challenges are needed.

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