Electrification in the industry, a conversation with TKI and René Slaghek


What does electrification mean for large chemical complexes such as Chemelot? What technologies are needed and what are the challenges? TKI Energy and Industry discussed this during the European Industry & Energy Summit on 9 December 2020. René Slaghek, Brightsite Program Manager ‘Transition scenarios and system integration’, was one of their table guests.

TKI Energy & Industry is developing a roadmap to give direction and speed to electrification in industry. The electrification roadmap is designed to help the industry to make the transition from fossil to renewable electric energy and eliminate CO₂ emissions. The roadmap helps to outline the path to the 2030 and 2050 climate goals. The development of new technologies is of crucial importance.

Chemelot will be turned into a sustainable complex by 2050

René Slaghek: “Chemelot is unfortunately one of the largest CO₂ emitters in the Netherlands, but we believe that Chemelot will have turned into a sustainable complex by 2050.” Brightsite wants to achieve this in two ways. Firstly, through the transition from fossil to sustainable raw materials, including sustainable molecules, sustainable hydrogen and sustainable or circular carbon. Second, through electrification.

About Brightsite

Brightsite can make a major contribution to the transition of the chemical industry to renewable energy and feedstock sources, with the aim of making this sector climate neutral and bringing solutions for other sectors. We boost the development and commercial application of technologies that enable the chemical industry to achieve its sustainability, safety and human capital objectives, in line with the climate challenge and energy transition. A great assignment where knowledge and skills of all parties come together, committed to securing and promoting employment in a sustainable manner.