Evert Nieuwenhuis, GroenLinks: “Brightsite is shaping the ‘Green Century’”

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We are on the eve of the ‘Green Century’, an era in which we will live, consume and produce in a climate-neutral and circular way. The inevitability of this ‘Green Century’ is a given. The agreements on this are crystal clear, for example in the Dutch climate law, the European Green Deal and of course in the Paris Agreement.

In the green, circular society, the polluting, gray industry must completely transform. Industry cannot make that change alone and will need government intervention; by the same token, government and society are going to need the support of industry.

Basic industry is now a major polluter, but also an important part of the solution. A green basic industry can help to drive other green transitions, such as those in energy supply, mobility, agriculture and the built environment, because it produces and purchases crucial products for these sectors. However, this will require quite a drastic turnaround. In the Dutch report Green Industrial Policy – Shaping the Green Century, we here at Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks  set out the case for green industrial policy: policy that accelerates the green transition, led by a self-assured government that is not afraid to take control of the situation and stick its neck out. Collaboration with industry is crucial to this, as is a proactive industry that realizes that merely drifting along or remaining stuck in the fossil century is not an option. Those who do not want to become the Kodak of the 21st century are betting on climate-neutral and circular production.

Brightsite is one of the crucial partners in shaping the Green Century. It is actively engaged in working out how Chemelot can transform into a green chemicals site. As a knowledge center, Brightsite is operating from within the industry, which is exactly what is needed to make the green economy a reality as soon as possible. In doing so, Brightsite is mindful of the importance of system integration and experimentation at the cluster level. After all, a green industry should be as closely intertwined as the industry of today.

The Green Century will offer Dutch industry and society many opportunities, from future-proof earning power to new employment opportunities. That is why it is so great to see that Brightsite has rolled up its sleeves and is fully committed to this.

Evert Nieuwenhuis

Project and Research Leader Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinkss

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