Frederik Hoornaert: “Collaboration is crucial to make sustainability of industry a success”



We face enormous challenges within the chemical industry. Challenges such as reducing the use of fossil carbon and optimizing the recycling of plastics. Challenges that we face not only at Chemelot, but together with the entire industry and all over the world. Together we will have to find solutions that are economically and technically feasible. In order to achieve this, parties are needed who stimulate the development of innovative solutions, in consultation with companies. Brightsite gives an impulse to the development and commercial application of innovative technologies needed to achieve the climate goals. They do this by seeking cooperation with all stakeholders.

This is why, as a General Manager at SABIC, I am happy to take a seat on Brightsite’s Advisory Board
At SABIC, we are committed to sustainability. Our goal is to operate climate neutrally by 2050 and on the way to that goal to emit 20% less greenhouse gases by 2030 (compared to 2018). As an international company, the focus of our R&D is not in Europe. Europe does lead the way in innovation aimed at sustainability, which is why we conduct our research in the area of sustainability mainly in Europe.

Industry in Europe is struggling, only if we work together and the benefits of sustainability innovation are shared by all, EU industry can survive. That does require companies to step over their own shadows and look beyond short-term economic prospects. Because if we want to develop technology that advances sustainability in chemistry, we must be prepared for a long haul. If we develop the right technology in Europe, then I am confident that we will also have the financial investment to make the transition.

Frederik Hoornaert

General Manager Chemicals T&I SABIC