From brutal violence to sophisticated innovation


Much more of a system approach is needed in the energy and raw materials transition. In chemistry we want to go from linear to circular. Then we have to look at things in a different way. For example, like Elon Musk, who is not only engaged in the further development of the car, but approaches the idea of transport in a different way. Much more holistic. All systems thinking. Read the interview ‘From brutal violence to sophisticated innovation’ below.

Interview in Petrochem

Wim Raaijen, managing director Petrochem – a platform that connects numerous decision-makers and experts in the chemistry and oil industry – has interviewed Arnold Stokking, managing director Brightsite for the November issue of Petrochem.

Innovation has no limits

Raaijen: “Innovation has no limits. Not geographically, but also not sectorally. Teslas aren’t particularly innovative when it comes to car design, and electric powertrains aren’t new either. The cars are also large enough to store enough batteries for a good range. No, the innovation is in ICT. The area where Elon Musk and his companions originally come from. That makes self-driving cars a sophisticated energy management system and more. Arnold Stokking gratefully embraces this analogy. He comes from high-tech, having worked at Philips for more than two decades. His background can now come in handy in chemistry, as managing director at Brightsite, the innovation center at Chemelot. Especially when it comes to electrification of industry and electrochemistry in particular.”

Read the interview ‘From brutal violence to sophisticated innovation’ below. Click on the image to see the entire issue. Page 10 for the interview with Arnold Stokking.