Grant awarded to Brightsite for improving environmental safety based on data analysis

Press Release

Safety is still very rare in innovation proposals for the chemical industry. Yet this is crucial for future-proof developments that make an impact. With the use of big data, it is possible to improve environmental safety. This fact is established in a Safety Deal that uses artificial intelligence to detect hidden patterns prior to incidents. By awarding the subsidy scheme for the reinforcement of environmental safety, we can get to work on this in Program Line 4: Securing integral process safety and societal acceptance. 

Reducing chemical industry incidents

The aim is to significantly reduce the number of major and minor incidents in the chemical industry. To this end, the Safety Deal investigates how text analysis and artificial intelligence can detect hidden patterns in the widely available data. In addition to human knowledge and analysis, this Safety Deal uses advanced data-driven information technology. This allows systematic investigation of weak signals or hidden patterns in large amounts of data. Better or more early warning alarms allow for earlier intervention. More incidents can thus be prevented, and damage caused by accidents can be considerably limited.

Interested in collaboration?

Safety is our number one priority, ensuring that – at the end of the day – everyone returns to home in good health. We always strive to be a good neighbor, both to our internal and external neighbors. The program line Safety and society  focusses on securing of integral process safety and societal acceptance. Do you want to contribute to this program, or do you want to make use of our services? Please get in touch with Esta de Goede, manager of this program line. We are looking forward to meeting you!