Guideline BLIC vooruit

Practical guideline to promote process safety with AI

Chemelot aims to be Europe’s safest and most sustainable chemical site by 2025. New types of data-driven technology, such as AI, show promise for promoting safety by identifying dangers or hidden patterns in Big Data. Early detection of such patterns allows for intervention to prevent incidents. Within Brightsite’s project ‘BLIC vooruit’, together with a ‘Community of Practice’, the first steps are being taken to develop a predictive model for process safety. This has led to a Guideline with which factories can get started right away.

Get started immediately to further improve the safety of your processes.

Learning from each other in Community of Practice 

Watch our video on BLIC vooruit, find out how we can improve process safety with AI, and listen to the experiences of our partners AnQore and Envalior.

Helping businesses with a step-by-step plan 

The activities in the Guide are summarized in a roadmap. The roadmap can be used to identify weak signals and learning potential, including modern analysis techniques that can help. This offers opportunities to intervene earlier and more effectively in processes that are at risk of going wrong, so that incidents can be prevented.

Companies at Chemelot have a lot of data; only a small fraction is used for safety purposes. Incident prevention now focuses mainly on explaining afterwards why and how an incident could have occurred, with little research into predictive models. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) came the idea of whether it is possible to use information from plant data to optimize process safety.

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This Safety Deal has been financially supported from the Subsidy Scheme Strengthening Environmental Safety of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, implemented by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (Dutch Authority for Enterprise) and contributions from the participating parties. 

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