Interview with GCNE featuring Arnold Stokking and Anne-Marie Spierings (Deltalinqs): It’s time to think in solutions


During the Circular Economy Week, Arnold Stokking from Brightsite and Anne-Marie Spierings from the Deltalinqs Climate Program share their insights on the crucial role of circularity in the chemical sector in an interview on the Green Chemistry, New Economy website.

Arnold Stokking highlights opportunities for the Netherlands:

“The products from our chemical sector are found everywhere in our daily lives and offer great potential for sustainability. By improving the conditions for greening now, we are creating excellent opportunities for our companies in the future.”

Anne-Marie Spierings emphasizes the need for revised legislation:

“We need to move away from legislation that is based on a linear economy. The ambitious goals for a circular economy are unachievable within the current system. It’s high time that pioneers in the circular movement are no longer hindered.”