The Queen speaks with Brightsite during her visit to Chemelot


Queen Máxima took note of Brightsite’s vision on circularity during her visit to Chemelot and Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Her main advice was to use communication effectively to inform both those directly involved and the general public about the link between basic chemistry and everyday products.

Queen Máxima indicated on her visit to Chemelot that the chemical sector is about to develop a new relationship with society. The queen received a guided tour and held talks with various organisations and companies based at the industrial estate about their ambitions in terms of sustainability. Managing director Arnold Stokking took the queen through the opportunities and challenges of the transition to circularity, illustrated by the infographic from Brightsite Transition Outlook 2023.

In a good discussion, joined by Uniper, RWE and SABIC Trucircle, the Queen emphasized the importance of the system transition and showed understanding of the enormous challenge facing the industry. Her main advice was to properly design communication with a broad group, in order to not only involve those involved in the direct value circles, but also to show the general public the connection of basic chemistry with the products they use every day.

Photo Marcel van Hoorn

The transition to climate-neutral in 2050, or as much earlier as possible, is the starting point of Brightsite, where topics such as national and European regulation and concerns about the business climate in the Netherlands were also on the table. Stokking looks back with satisfaction, “We thank Queen Máxima for her interest and this great opportunity to show from Brightsite the innovative power of the knowledge institutions connected with the business community, an example in the chemical industry.”