Maastricht University provides the extensive fundamental knowledge and insights essential for the development of plasma applications, adopting an approach that encompasses both theoretical thinking and practical execution and testing in the Brightsite Plasmalab.

By conducting fundamental and applied research, supervising PhD students, and facilitating access to cutting-edge laboratory facilities, Maastricht University plays a crucial role in advancing the lab’s mission to reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency in industrial processes.


Gerard van Rooij
Professor Plasma Chemistry
Thomas Butterworth
Associate professor
Tim Rigart
Paola Diomede
Tenured assistant professor
Xiaoyu Wang
Ph.D. Experiments, material analysis
Maria Luiza Moreira de Azevedo
Ph.D. Experiments, performance measurements
Stijn Helsloot
Ph.D. Experiments, Performance Measurements
Martijn Ruijzendaal
Ph.D. Experiments, laser diagnostics
João Vargas
Postdoctoral Researcher Modelling
Omid Samadi Bahnamiri
Postdoctoral Researcher Experiments, laser diagnostics