Plasma technology can radically change the chemical industry


Plasma technology has the potential to electrify chemical processes using green electricity and to produce raw materials without CO2 emissions. Brightsite is researching the scalability of this technology with the help of a subsidy, as program manager Hans Linden explains in an article on the website of the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (the Dutch government agency responsible for promoting entrepreneurship and innovation).

With the innovation subsidy from the Mission-Driven Research, Development, and Innovation (MOOI) scheme, the foundation is laid and the system is optimized. Subsequently, in collaboration with chemical partners, a pilot project in the form of a small factory is started. The MOOI subsidy makes it possible to realize these developments within a single project.

“In our Brightsite Plasma Laboratory, we combine innovative technologies and groundbreaking research. With this, we believe we can achieve important breakthroughs in the short term and help facilitate the use of plasma chemistry in the industry.”
Hans Linden, Program Manager