Recap annual event Green Chemistry, New Economy 2022


The main conclusion: the transition to green chemistry must accelerate

If the extreme gas prices make anything clear, it is that the Dutch chemical industry must go green faster. If more subsidies and financing are not provided quickly, if laws and regulations are not adjusted, and if companies, governments and other parties throughout the chain do not start working together better, the green chemical industry in the Netherlands will not come about. That was the conclusion of the annual event of the Green Chemistry New Economy (GCNE) platform in Woerden.

Arnond Stokking, Managing Director Brightsite & Chairman Green Chemistry, New Economy 

“We must act immediately on the topic of sustainabilty, because the urgency is high.”

During the annual event on 11 October, 150 participants engaged in a discussion on making manufacturing chemistry more sustainable. An afternoon full of guest speakers, inspiring pitches and break-out sessions full of interaction.

The Green Chemistry, New Economy platform wants to accelerate sustainable transition in the manufacturing chemistry. A green chemistry, in which innovative technologies and business models with game changers have the opportunity to realise a new economy based on non-fossil raw materials.

Video report of the annual event

The GCNE platform wants to accelerate the sustainable transition by bringing all the necessary parties together to arrive at solutions. From ministries, provinces, regional development agencies and financiers to the chemical companies and startups, knowledge centers such as Brightsite and TNO and the industry associations. “We have to make the chain work. We as GCNE try to connect all the lines,” says chairman Arnold Stokking.

Impression event