Recap Circular Plastics Event: ‘Circularity gathers momentum at Brightlands Chemelot Campus’


The Circular Plastics Event on December 7 at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus marked a key moment in the development of research in circular plastics. Experts and leading professors gathered to share insights and breakthroughs on solving the global plastic waste problem. “This event originated at Brightsite, where we collaborate with university professors, and Brightlands Science lectures”, said Rinke Altink, who for the meeting between the community in Geleen and academia, besides initiator took on the role of chairman of the day.

Several speakers, including leading professors and industry experts such as Bert Weckhuysen (Utrecht University), Kim Ragaert (Maastricht University), Kevin van Geem (Ghent University) and Lia Voermans (Brightlands Circular Space) shared their insights and research findings during the event. They discussed advanced plastic recycling techniques, the economics and ecology of circular plastics, and the latest innovations in the field, among other topics.

The event highlights the need for an integrated approach and hopefully acts as a catalyst for future collaborations. Altink: “Both Brightsite and Brightlands Chemelot Campus like to introduce university knowledge to the community. This is a landmark moment in the transition and developments taking place, such as the creation of the Brightlands Circular Space and the new pilot line of Brightlands Materials Center. Circularity is gaining momentum on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus.”

A panel discussion provided an opportunity to reflect on the day’s program, which Altink describes as “a comprehensive event.” He concludes with a cautious look to the future: “Of course, there is always the question of whether we can find such renowned speakers again at any next edition, but the first Circular Plastics Event in Geleen definitely tasted like more.”

The Circular Plastics Event at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus was a milestone in the battle against plastic waste, focusing on knowledge and innovation in circular plastics. “The creation of this event was a natural progression from Brightsite’s periodic dialogues with university professors,” explained Rinke Altink, manager of Brightsite’s program line ‘Emission reduction through substitution of naphtha and natural gas as chemical feedstocks’.’ “Together with the campus, we took the opportunity to join several forces and create this full-fledged new event. We welcomed nearly 200 attendees on Dec. 7, which shows the growing engagement and development of a strong ecosystem here on campus.”

Rinke Altink
Program Manager
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