Report TNO Vector: Chemistry needs new methods to become greener


The Netherlands has an international reputation to uphold in chemical manufacturing. However, to remain a leader in the field, it needs to become greener. Technically, this means adopting circular processes and bio-based approaches. But how do we achieve this? ‘Collaboration’ is at the heart of the 8 methods that TNO Vector identifies as potential keys to success.

The chemical industry must make its processes for producing plastics and other chemical products circular, and replace fossil-based raw materials with plastic recycling, bio-based, and other carbon-neutral feedstocks.


“The chemical sector has only been engaged in this for about five years. At the same time, the urgency to become greener is paramount. This is because, over the coming decades, the manufacturing chemistry must meet high environmental and climate standards to maintain its ‘license to operate’.”
Lead author Tamara Oukes