Retrospective Brightsite Connaction Event 2050 Kickstart


Strong discussions on challenges and practical solutions to accelerate the industrial transformation

The climate goals for 2050 are clear and the plans are in place. It is time for action and intervention. During the Brightsite Connaction event on July 5, we had valuable discussions with prominent representatives from industry, governments and knowledge institutions. We did not shy away from strong discussions about challenges and solutions. We looked at where we could help each other to achieve the climate goals and practical solutions were born to accelerate the industrial transformation. And that was exactly our intention!

We at Brightsite and Chemelot Circular Hub look back on this event with great energy and satisfaction. And we thank not only our host Remco de Boer and table guests Focco Vijselaar, Allard Castelein, Gert Jan Kramer, Carola van der Weijden, Colette Alma, Loek Radix and Reinier Grimbergen, but also the audience for their valuable contributions.

Thank you for participating!

Did you miss the event?

On 5 July 2022, the Brightsite Connaction Event 2050 Kickstart took place on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. We at Brightsite and Chemelot Circular Hub look back on this event with great energy and satisfaction. The whole afternoon was devoted to intervention. Letting go of conventions, searching for connection and working together on the greatest task of our time. We only become leaders if we actually start the race.

“The climate goals: are we taking them too lightly?”

“We need to work together and talk honestly with each other.”

“Don’t choose the commodity that fits now, but the one that will fit later”

“It comes down to prioritization; looking at sequencing and time axis.”

“The investment plan is good, but too late.”

“Where should green electricity go to, to reduce as much as

possible CO₂?”

“Chemelot as the beating heart of European circular chemistry.”

From left to right:
Remco de Boer (host and publicist, Studio Energy), Carola van der Weijden (Director of the Province of Limburg), Loek Radix (Managing Director Chemelot), Focco Vijselaar (Director-General Business and Innovation, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate), Arnold Stokking (Managing Director Brightsite), Jo Peters (Chairman Chemelot Circular Hub), Colette Alma (Chairman taskforce Innovation of the Trilateral Strategy Chemistry), Reinier Grimbergen (Principal Consultant Industrial Transformation TNO), Gert Jan Kramer (Professor Sustainable Energy Supply Systems, Utrecht University). Participation Allard Castelein (CEO Port of Rotterdam Authority) via online connection.

Brightsite Transition Outlook

Towards sustainable chemistry at Chemelot
Given its size, the chemical industry, which is active on a large scale in Limburg at the Chemelot site, can make a substantial contribution to achieving the climate goals.The Brightsite Transition Outlook presents how and when the climate targets can be achieved at Chemelot and what is required to do so. Brightsite supports the site users with their investments in the future of Chemelot. The 2030 targets are expected to be largely achievable through measures already identified. However, the zero-emissions target for 2050 still requires several new solutions.

This inspiring brochure provides you with more information about Chemelot’s transformation to climate neutral.

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