Stokking: ‘It’s my personal mission to get Eindhoven on board’


In a new interview on the TU/e website Arnold Stokking emphasizes the need for collaboration between TU/e and the Chemelot site to achieve a sustainable chemical industry.

Brightsite, he explains, focuses on making the chemical industry more sustainable by developing technology from TRL 9 to TRL 1.

‘We look from an industrial point of view back into the knowledge chain to identify what is needed in terms of research and development, and then we set up collaborations and facilitate demonstrators to close this chain.’

Stokking sees a critical role for EIRES researchers in transitioning the chemical sector to sustainable energy and raw material sources. He also discusses the importance of rapid action due to climate change and competitiveness, and invites EIRES researchers to collaborate on projects such as heat storage using salts and utilizing residual heat.