Sustainability Challenge | FEEL THE CHEMISTRY


During the Feel the Chemistry Festival, we – and other parties situated at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus – look ahead to an innovative future, built on a solid foundation of 80 years of science and innovation in materials. In online stories and during several events, you can discover historic, current and future activities in material research and innovation. Read more about the Sustainability Challenge.

On 8 October 2020, the first challenge (from a series of three) “Sustainability, beyond the buzzword” took place. Arnold Stokking, managing director at Brightsite and moderator of this challenge, led the event where three well known companies, SABIC, ARLANXEO and DSM, shared their vision on sustainability and their actual roadmap. What needs to happen to make our planet green? How can the campus community support? What kind of collaboration is needed?

Lianne Van Oord, Program Manager process innovation at Brightsite, was one of the panel members. Afterwards she concluded:

“It has again become clear to me that we need each other, not only to develop the technology, but also to design the new system to enable sustainable production and consumption.”

Watch the livestream en pictures of the event below: