With e-boiler, USG invests in a sustainable future


A large part of the processes and installations in the chemical industry must be powered by sustainable electricity by 2050. Electrification of processes at Chemelot is therefore a hot topic. A good example is the development of an electric boiler by Utility Support Group (USG), the utility company of Chemelot.

While Chemelot is currently an integrated site, based on the use of naphtha and natural gas, the future is all about electrification and the greening of raw materials. “As USG, we look at what we can contribute to sustainability. We soon arrived at the e-boiler. A feasibility study has shown that an electric boiler would fit well in our system. Now that we have received an SDE++ subsidy, we can get started. The e-boiler can be operational in mid-2023,” Sonny Schepers, responsible for sustainability projects within USG, expects.

Sonny Schepers, responsible for sustainability projects within USG:

“The e-boiler hits two sustainability levels: it reduces CO₂ emissions at Chemelot and and contributes to national grid stability.”

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The future outlook is that Chemelot has met the national goals for greenhouse gas reduction by implementing the most cost-effective measures while ensuring production. In 2050 Chemelot is entirely carbon-neutral, based on an optimal transition pathway. Do you want to contribute to this program, or do you want to make use of our services? Please contact us.