Working together to bring about the transition to sustainable chemistry


The Climate Agenda and the Climate Agreement aim for an energy transition and a fully circular economy by 2050. The chemical industry has an important part to play in this. Brightsite’s program line 5, ‘Transition scenarios and system integration’, looks at how to realize this transition for an entire site like Chemelot in a safe, sustainable and economically sound way. It is crucial that we work on solutions collectively but also that there is room for individual projects. “Brightsite is the perfect partner to help make the most of synergies on a site and take technology in development one step further.” 

The chemical industry can play a huge part in reducing CO2 emissions in the Netherlands and in making society as a whole more sustainable. “It makes sense that companies mainly focus on their own situation when looking at ways to become more sustainable. They struggle to appreciate the full scale of the situation for the site as a whole. At Brightsite, our aim is to link up the different plans and parties to promote synergies and a site-wide strategy,” says René Slaghek, Technology and Program Manager at Brightsite.

Jan Jaap Nusselder, Manager Public Affairs OCI Nitrogen:

“Brightsite is the oil in the machine that can connect businesses.”

Does your company recognize itself in the working method of Brightsite?

The future outlook is that Chemelot has met the national goals for greenhouse gas reduction by implementing the most cost-effective measures while ensuring production. In 2050 Chemelot is entirely carbon-neutral, based on an optimal transition pathway. Do you want to contribute to this program, or do you want to make use of our services?